Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great Expectations!

I am so thrilled - one of my articles was accepted for publication in the most wonderful New Spirit Magazine!  This is one of those things where for years I thought...Gee, I'd really like to submit an article for New Spirit Magazine...but I just didn't. When we get clear on our intentions, magic happens.

I have also been asked to write for several online magazines and even though my first book was published years ago, when asked on surveys if I was a writer, I never felt comfortable saying yes, because my book didn't make the NY Times Best Seller List!

How many ways can we find to limit ourselves? It is almost unlimited - and the good news is that when we finally get clear on who we are and what we truly want - that's when the magic happens!

Where is the magic happening in your life?

Hugs, Katie

Monday, September 19, 2011

Five minutes to relax into your Brave Woman self

Take 5 minutes to sit back, leave the outer world behind and step into the
sacred space of your inner self.  Getting out of your ordinary reality and your
conscious mind for even a few minutes allows that Brave Woman who lives
within you to come forth and move you through the day.

Enjoy, relax and walk softly upon the earth today.

Reversing the Flow

When you are stepping into your own courage – you’ll find sometimes that all the junk – all that isn’t your courage, will pop-up and get in your face. I suppose that this doesn’t happen to everyone – but it has certainly happened to me, it has happened to my best friends and colleagues – and it has happened to almost everyone I know.
But wait – there is good news, it’s not a bad idea to let stuff come up, look at it, learn to laugh at it, and let it go for good. You may know that besides Ho’ponopono and all the other skills and disciplines I have learned around the world over the decades, what I use as my Core skill is The One Command.
So my words (after going to the theta brainwave) I don’t know how I release all emotionally fearful thoughts, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled.  Or, I don’t know how I embrace my courageous self, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled, are what help me more than anything to change my DNA.
Because I love the study of quantum physics I have finally reached a point in life where all I have learned has gone from a huge portfolio of great techniques and ideas, to being able to make the stuff work and reverse the flow!
So what works for you? What have you learned (at whatever point you are in your life), that finally makes it all work and finally helps you Witness your own Master?
Hugs, Katie

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Race

It's not that you fall, because you will.  It is that you get up again and keep on going.

A true story about a Brave Woman--her fall, her striving and her triumph.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's not your beginnings that matter most!

I was drawn to see the movie Kung Fu Panda 2 today and I was curious what message it might have for me.  Anytime I’m drawn to a movie it’s because there is something for me to pay attention to in it.  And there was!

The movie was fun to watch, but here is the ‘gem’ I walked away with—and in a kid’s movie too.

Even though your beginnings weren’t happy, it doesn’t matter.  It isn’t your beginnings that make you who you are.  What matters is who you choose to be now.  And it is who you choose to be that makes you who you are now.

I felt much of what has been bothering me recently dissolve and resolve itself.  TODAY is what matters.  Who I choose to be TODAY is what’s important.  How I choose to feel TODAY; how I choose to behave TODAY—that is what makes me who I am.

Regardless of your beginnings, you have a choice to be or not to be, to change or stay the same, to heal or not, to use your voice or to remain silent, to stand in your courage or continue to be afraid.  There is great power in that message—It is who you choose to be that makes you who you are.

Today I choose to be a Brave Woman walking my Journey of Courage, using my voice for
healing and standing in my own truth.

Who do you choose to be today?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today is 9/11

Over the years of doing my heart-work from psychology to coaching to seminars - I am often prompted in what I offer from the experiences of my own life and challenges or joys - and I also watch for what is showing up for those in my tribe (my friends, family, colleague, clients) - and focus on what is coming up for them.

I am watching the 9/11 tribute in Shanksville right now and thinking about the heroism of 'just people', people rising to an unprecedented situation - who found out what was happening on other planes and acted without question - out of the fullness of their hearts.

We all have that brave selves inside, the one that jumps to do what is needed in the moment. If we are looking for a way to change our world - jumping in to help build a school somewhere (by contribution or participation), to participate in Random Acts of Kindness like the ones going on in Seattle today, to deciding to elect people who actually care at least as much about all the people of our country as they do about their own ambitions, to being our own hero and the hero of our children.

This cannot help but be a day of reflection no matter where we live, and when we live from our spirit - we can't go wrong.

Love and Blessings, Katie

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Falling Out of Love with My Drama

Falling Out of Love with My Drama
I have been fortunate to study with some of the most amazing teachers over the decades, and all of them have talked about letting go of the drama in your life.
It took me awhile to truly let go of it all and learn to live in the present, to be present with my own life and with everyone in it.
I found that I took myself through several steps to get to the Freedom I desired:
Step 1- Forgiveness
In order to start the clearing out process I realized that forgiveness was the key that would open the lock to all else that was within. Even though I knew better, it was still easy to get caught up in the idea that by forgiving the person, I was approving the act. And also that forgiveness was for the other person when it is really always for us and our own inner peace. Once I got myself past those old mind-sets, it was all downhill from there – simply a process of letting go.
Step 2 – My History
How many of us are ‘married’ to our stories. It is easy to believe that if we give up our ‘story’ we will no longer be ourselves and we will never be able to rectify what has happened and create something new. The truth is, it is your stories that keep you stuck and interfere with your capacity to create the new life you want. Once you choose to create what you want instead of what you have, you have no need for what was.
Step 3 – My Future
Finally I got to the point of looking ‘forward’ even though I am aware from quantum physics that there is no time – just ask Einstein.  For me this was sort of a way station. It was a place I lived for a while until I really understood that my future is right now. It was useful in the sense that at least I had separated out from my past.
Step 4 – My Now
This is where I want to live for the duration.  Staying in the present is so much more interesting than you might ever imagine. This is where your greater capacity lives and this is where your joy resides
In the present you are always fresh, new and available to every idea, opportunity and resource that your world is offering to you.
I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else.
Love and blessings, Katie