Friday, August 12, 2011

The Brave Woman and The One Command

The Brave Woman -     
Women Stepping Into Their Courage

Our tribe – those woman that have taken our workshops and seminars, have told us that a Big thing in their lives is finding the courage to be all that they know they are meant to be.

Every woman knows that there is a Brave Woman within her, and You know that you have always known she is within you as well. From our own experiences and from everything we have heard from friends, relatives, clients and colleagues, this is the time of the woman, of the feminine spirit, of grace and ease and peace in our lives.

When you are in your personal Alignment to Your Own Greatness, that does not mean it is exclusive of men, but rather it is inclusive of men and honoring the different spirits of us all. We can know how to be in integrity with who we are without a power struggle, we can be in integrity with who we are and live a life of love, caring, expansion and abundance.

It is important to know that you have the capacity to reshape your life, to be that person who has literally been struggling to get out since you can remember. You can reignite your dreams, or if they have been buried or barren, give them life!

You can bring forth your Brave Woman - the Woman in you that Walks in Strength, Self-love, Strong-Relationships and Grace.

As a Brave Woman you have Your Voice, you can say 'no' with confidence, you are able to Set boundaries and stand your ground with ease and grace, you can says 'yes' to yourself, be in Alignment with your own Greatness, and know how to reshape your Life in the ways that mean the most to you.

If you don’t know how – Bonnie and I are teaching woman how to be a Brave Woman in September 2011.

We love you and we Witness Your Mastery.

Love, Dr. Katie and Bonnie, M.I.