Tuesday, May 1, 2012

 The Doors of Perception
Questions are the doors to perception - and the better the questions - the more meaningful the answers.

A number of us were working with the question, ‘What is your I Am? I thought that something was a little off-kilter about the question because of the answers we were all giving.

I got an insight from Deepak Chopra - when we answer I Am a...... we are writing a resume.

When you answer the question What is Your I Am - there is no 'a' after the word Am

That means, when we answer the question What is Your I Am?

And we start with I Am a.......

We are already deeply off track.

So....I am not asking you to answer that question right away - this is a question to sit with for awhile - this is a question to keep answering until your physiology sends a chill (an energy rush) through your body and you KNOW  - and then you know that you know - that this who you truly are.

So a question to sit with:

What is your I Am?

Love and blessings, Katie

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