Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mental Rehearsal

Mental Rehearsal and Changing Your DNA
As a cognitive behavioral psychologist - mental and behavioral rehearsal was a staple of good therapy. I was always fascinated by the studies demonstrating how mental rehearsal works and I read many studies by psychologists, research scientists, Olympic trainers and athletes demonstrating how and why mental rehearsal works in our body-mind.
What is Mental Rehearsal?
Mental rehearsal is the process of imprinting images of your goals and expectations in your mind and DNA. You practice seeing and feeling the positive outcomes and achievements that you want to manifest in your conscious reality. Kinesthetic memory and visualization increase your likelihood of success. You can use mental rehearsal for any area of your life, health, wealth, happiness, relationships, sports, business, whatever you desire in your life.
While teaching psychology at the University of Hawaii - I worked with a local basketball team - they won their first ever championship that year.
The New Use for Mental Rehearsal - Change at the Spiritual Level
The simple 6-steps of The One Command is one highly successful approach to using mental rehearsal to change your DNA. Meditation is a wonderful method as well alone or better yet in partnership with The One Command, and I have learned some new meditations from one of my teachers, Dr. Joe Dispenza, from his terrific new book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. Dr. Joe uses mental rehearsal as a core process in changing your DNA and I use it as a core process in my coaching sessions in partnership with The One Command.
Hugs, Katie
For a continuation and expansion of this discussion on the phenomenon and value of Mental Rehearsal - and just how you can use it - check out Dr. Katie on www.evolutionezine.com in March.

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